GWQ has provided a non-destructive materials testing service for more than 20 years. Whether in the manufacturing industry, pipeline engineering, equipment or plant construction, chemical or petrochemical facilities, conventional or nuclear power stations, our non-destructive materials testing processes stand for quality assurance and process safety.

Our specialisation in the field of non-destructive testing of the widest variety of products from the most diverse specification profiles accounts for our capability to deploy suitable testing methods to detect and analyse qualitative defects and impairments due to operation. State-of-the-art inspection technology combined with experienced, qualified testing personnel in all areas of expertise ensure competent, customer-focused materials testing. Our team of consultants is available to solve complex technical issues regarding testing at any time. Whether for single components or large projects, our facilities and staff provide you with solutions that are right both technically and financially.

Since the 1st january 2014, we also offer mechanical and technological material tests in our test laboratory in Moers.